Breast augmentation is a plastic surgery in practice for several years. It is required for women for various reasons such as women who have lost the breast volume due to breastfeeding during pregnancy, breast asymmetry in previous surgery, less breast tissue and to look more feminine. It is your responsibility to choose the best augmentation treatment and procedures. There are various best practices of breast augmentation Phoenix and you must study the basic details about the treatment before making the decision. Breast Augmentation is the surgery called mammoplasty and is used to improve the breast size. It facilitates to improve the volume of the surrounding tissue in the breast and it will not provide you extra cleavage.

Sometimes decreasing your chest bone's width may give you negative result so it is not recommended by the surgeons. Push-in or push-out bra is the best choice that provides more cleavage as expected. You must be aware that this treatment will not help you to change the basic shape of the breast or to lift it. You should analyze your body and find out the exact reason for the breast enlargement treatment. It is a risk to take this treatment without any valid reason. You should not approach the doctor because of the influence of your friends or the media. It is advisable to take this treatment after 18 years of old because the breast is completely grown at the age of eighteen years. You can notice the changes in your breast during your entire life cycle due to pregnancy, periods, changes in weight etc. There are four incision sites through which the breast augmentation can be done. The first site is called Trans-Umbilical breast Augmentation in which the incision site is placed inside the belly button.

It is the less risky approach since only a minimum number of cuts are required. The breast implantation is done either below or above the chest muscle. Another advantage of this approach is you will recover from this treatment quickly. The second incision site method is called inframammary. In this, the incision is kept in the natural folds under the breast part. This treatment is very simple one from the surgeon point of view. Silicone gel is used in this implantation method and the implants are kept below or above the chest muscle. The biggest disadvantage is you are prone to get irritation when wearing bra after the surgery. The scar in this treatment is visible to others when you lift your arms up in a small bath suit. The third type is called infra-areola where the incisions are placed on each breast areola. The implants are placed either below or above the chest muscle like the previous types. Saline is used in this incision method. There will be changes in the color and texture of the skin and it helps to hide the scar. The last incision type is called trans-axillary where the incision is located at the armpits. It is default in all the incision sites that the implants are kept at above or below of the chest muscle. The drawback of this type is there is a greater chance of asymmetry. When you wear the sleeveless dress the incision will be exposed if it is not healed properly.