New Year is generally the time to make a resolution regarding your body’s BMI. Despite constant reminders throughout the year that fitness should take some of your time, it never seems to happen till the first week of January, and on the second week of January, you are back to eating fast food and being a couch potato. It is no secret that keeping fit and eating healthy requires more than a little self control. The website aims at making sure that every day is a new day to start getting fit and being happier with your body. There should be no exceptions to the rule. Eating healthy and staying fit does not need to be a hassle and does not mean you will need to give up on all your favorite food. It simply means that by moderating your portions and making slightly healthier choices, you will be able to make sure that you are burning calories as fast as you are consuming them. In fact, it could be said that the only thing standing between you and a healthy lifestyle is you yourself.


The realization that the person who we aim to become tomorrow will have to be made starting today is a hard truth to swallow. Procrastination is part of our DNA and humans do not want to do things that they don’t like. But to reach a long term goal, some short term changes must be made. This is unique to everyone and no one can tell you that your goal is something specific. Who know, maybe you’ll actually like going to the gym, maybe you’ll like being fit and in control of your body and maybe you may even find that working out isn’t the chore you made it out to be and is rather fun.


One of the key ingredients to staying committed to a exercise regime is to stay motivated. Perhaps you really wanted a designer bag, or a new phone or perhaps you’re just craving a pizza, set a target, reach the target and treat yourself to the luxury of your choice. Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool and if used correctly will help you stay on track during the initial stages of the regime till you get the hang of things. It works even better if you let your spouse, family or friends know about your goal so that you feel good when you show them your reward. Another way to stay focused is to hire a personal trainer. Not only will they help you stay on track but they will also custom design a workout course to suit your needs, maximize your time and make sure that your efforts are not in vain.


Over the years there have been numerous gimmicks, fancy exercise regimes and fad diets. The truth is that reaching your goal of a healthier you is not as unattainable as it first looks. Any fitness and health goals has two things in common; an exercise regime to fit your body and your goals and self-motivation and determination to follow this plan to the very end.